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We seek your business not your personal data.

  • Stop joining every social media fad.
  • Stop webcasting your contact list.
  • Stop! surrendering your privacy.

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What is PPecard?

Presenting a business card is a longstanding tradition.  It’s an invitation, a possibility, a question.  PPecard combines the physical card with digital convenience to increase your effectiveness and security, whether you have or need a card. 

How does it work?

Choose to either

  • upload your business card
    • a photo, scan, or file
  • or fill out our template.

We display your ecard on an individual webpage.  It remains available anytime everywhere, even when your card is buried somewhere—a drawer, a purse, a stack of other cards.

Personal QR Code

PPecard provides a downloadable QR code for easy access.

  • Save it on your device.
  • Add it to your email signature.
  • Put it on your website.
  • Print it on your card or a flier.

Show it to your clients so they can simply scan the code then “tap” to call, email, or connect via your preferred method(s).

QR code for PPEcard

More Effective & Secure

Using Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar online connection services limit you to persons in the service.  It also exposes (too much) personal information to competitors and nefarious actors.  Adding business acquaintances to personal contact lists clutters them unnecessarily.  Stay more secure with PPecard by eliminating the need to surrender contact lists to the messaging apps, the social media trolls, the bots, the hackers.

Stop! giving up your privacy for convenience and be more efficient.  Join PPecard, share the QR code, and clients can bookmark your PPecard to contact you anytime everywhere.

  • Connect with a ‘tap’.
  • Your contacts, not for Big Tech’s billions.


Become more effective and secure by combining your physical business card with easy digital.  

Get your PPecard today for less than a coffee per month!

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